Make it, Master,

Conceptualizing your living spaces is an art form and our specialty. For over 10 years, Master Kitchen has been recognized for the creation of timeless, beautiful and functional spaces. We believe a home is a sanctuary which is why we create a space where you feel comfortable.

We provide South Florida Homes with luxury designs that perfectly merge the art of interior design with the science of innovation and functionality.

Our business is to create home value and improve your quality of life.

We do this by conceptualizing spaces that incorporate all the functions and aesthetic elements you expect and want to see in your home. In each project, we uphold to the values of superior quality, sophisticated design and unparalleled services. Thus, our clients enjoy the highest quality standards from the initial creative consultation to project completion.

Locally Made & Family Owned

As a home-grown business, every aspect of our products is made locally right here in South Florida. We want to support the communities in which we work. Today, we offer total home design, which include kitchens, bathrooms, closets, and children’s rooms, wall units & entertainment centers so that you can build your perfect living space. From our hands to you, each design is customized and completely based on your preferences which means its family-owned and one-of- a-kind, built just for you.

Custom made

Whatever your mind can conceive MK can achieve.

Whatever your budget and style is, design experts at Master Kitchen can help you realize. From initial design, to color and style selection to installation, we’ll be with you all the way. We are a trusted supplier to homeowners, designers ,builders, renovation contractors, and developers who know the quality of our products and the reliability of our entire team.

One stop solution

Our innovative design solutions are achieved by our selection of the most exclusive brands who complete every step of the process with reliability and expertise. We design, acquire permits, install, and execute project management for all our designs. As licensed contractors, you can rest assured that you are in good hands with the most-trusted team to make your space come alive.

Our Products

We are exclusive agents for the most renowned brands and provide a diverse selection of high quality products needed to create your entire home.

Our Partners

Our consultation is free.

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